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"Our wedding was extremely well planned and co-ordinated. The execution on the day was handled professionally and that put us all at ease. We did not have to bother about a thing, just came down from UK just in time for the wedding.

Made me feel like getting married again"
                                    - Chenthil and Shirley

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1. Develop and manage a comprehensive plan - with budget, timeline and logistics.
2. Organize and execute each phase of the plan in detail.
3. Negotiate services and arrangements with vendors.
4. Implement unique and creative solutions to achieve your goals.
5. Present regular status updates on the progress of your event.
6. Provide complete onsite management on the day of your event.
7. Review and approve post-event billings.

Our Goal is make your event successful - and we think the measure of that success is what people remember.
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